XPS raw materials supplied by INTCO are facing large demand now

Nowadays, there are two resources of XPS raw materials. One is the newly made PS pellets which are directly extracted from the oil. The other is the recycled PS pellets which are made from waste expanded polystyrene (EPS) materials.

Although the newly made PS pellets are of good quality, but because of the high price, they are not very applicable to many XPS manufacturers. Especially for many Chinese domestic manufacturers. In fact, some of the recycled PS pellets also have good quality, and even can replace the newly made ones.



INTCO has been committed to the granulation of the recycled PS pellets for many years. And it purchases waste EPS materials from all over the world, because INTCO uses EPS to granulate recycled PS pellets. Most of the waste EPS materials are from the home appliance packaging materials or fish boxes or other clean EPS materials. Because these materials are clean waste, the recycled PS pellets will be definitely high-quality.

Recycled PS pellets have more obvious advantages. For example, the price of recycled PS pellets is much lower than that newly made ones, but the quality of the recycled PS pellets are also high and can even replace the new ones. And the recycled PS pellets’ quality is very stable.


INTCO's recycled PS pellets are not only available for domestic XPS manufacturers, but also are widely accepted by other countries such as Russia and Eastern European countries. So far, INTCO's PS pellets are facing large rising demand, which not only thanks to the high quality of recycled PS pellets, but also to the lower prices.

INTCO’s recycled PS pellets are divided into different grades, usually the highest grade is transparent color, which can be used to make XPS boards with desired color. Other grades of recycled PS pellets will have their own colors, so XPS manufacturers don’t need to dye the XPS boards on their own. Because if they use these grades of PS pellets to produce, the XPS boards will bring their own colors.


It is worth mentioning that INTCO's recycled PS pellets are produced by the best granulating machine called "Erama", so the quality of the recycled PS pellets is very stable. INTCO’s recycled PS pellets will be marked different grades and then be stored in the warehouse. The educated inspectors will test the produced PS pellets and will not miss any of the PS pellets that are not match the require, so as to ensure the quality of the produced XPS boards.

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