XPS raw materials made from recycled EPS are perfect for XPS production

Polystyrene is widely used to produce concrete block insulation, bead board or foam board insulation, and a kind of loose-fill insulation composed of small polystyrene beads. Expanded polystyrene (EPS), Molded expanded polystyrene (MEPS), and extruded polystyrene (XPS) are some of the polystyrene insulation materials available on the market.

XPS insulation board is one of the most widely used insulation materials till now. Especially in Europe, the application of the XPS insulation board is quite widely. Not only the building needs insulation, but also the floor and roof.


The raw materials for XPS insulation boards are facing a really large demand in 2017. In China, the raw materials which called PS pellets are not only domestic required , but also world-widely required.

PS pellets from INTCO recycling are made from recycled EPS materials. They use the recycled PS pellets to make frame products. And it also supplies the raw materials for many other XPS board manufacturers around the world.


The recycled PS pellets have different grades from A-C. The grade A is transparent color which can be dyed during the production. This grade A pellets can totally replace the newly made PS pellets which are directly made from oil.

Moreover, INTCO uses the best granulating machine “EREMA” to granulate and the recycled EPS materials are all purchased aboard. The EPS materials are from home appliance packaging, fish box and so on.


The recycled PS pellets are perfect raw materials for XPS manufacturers. Because the recycled PS pellets have the similar quality with the newly made ones. However, the recycled PS pellets have much lower price than newly made PS pellets. To choose the XPS raw materials, INTCO recycling is a great choice to consult.

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