XPS raw materials are PS pellets which can stably supplied by INTCO China

XPS is a waterproof, rigid insulation material. It is made from polystyrene pellets, which are mixed with various chemicals, then heated until the pellets liquefy. When the pellets cool, they turn into tiny beads. Then the beads are heated and injected into flat molds.

When the molds cool, the material is cut into panels of various lengths, widths and densities to use as insulation. The final product is rigid, dense and waterproof. As a result, XPS is commonly used for roofing and below grade to insulate cement slabs and foundation walls.

XPS insulation for floor

XPS insulation products are ideal for surfaces on which people intend to install flooring or wall coverings that need a flat, sturdy surface, such as tiles, linoleum or wallpaper. If people install foam insulation in a room in which moisture may be a concern though, like a bathroom, they should waterproof the foam insulation to prevent moisture from seeping into the foam and eventually deteriorating the product.

Extruded polystyrene is produced from polystyrene pellets, by extrusion. It can be manufactured in the form of board in different size, edge and surface shape and with different compressive strength, according to the intended use and the place of use. It is used for thermal insulation.

recycled GPPS for XPS

Polystyrene pellets(PS pellets/GPPS) are raw materials for XPS production. And the PS pellets can be divided into two types: virgin GPPS or recycled GPPS. Although, the virgin one is much pure than the recycled one, the price of the virgin GPPS is much more expensive.

However, the recycled GPPS with good quality can totally replace the virgin ones. Such recycled GPPS can be supplied by INTCO recycling from China. And INTCO has been in this industry for more than 20 years. So it has become the leading company in the GPPS market in China because it can supply 4000 tons a month.


The quality of INTCO ‘s recycled GPPS is very stably because it uses the best technology and best granulating machine”EREMA”. It has supplied its recycled GPPS to many customers like the Russian second largest XPS manufacturer -- Технониколь. It has already won high praise from many customers both at home and abroad.

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