What are the unique advantages of recycled PS decorative moldings?

What are the unique advantages of recycled PS decorative moldings?


The PS decorative moldings uses high-purity PS pellets as the main raw material, and is made of high-tech technology to recycle waste plastic foam and reduce the deforestation of forests. Compared with other moldings, what are the unique advantages of PS decorative moldings?

1.It can replace traditional solid wood moldings, and it is more concise in surface treatment technology, with features of aesthetics, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

2. It has the advantages of moisture proof, insect proof, easy installation and no deformation;

3. The recycling of waste materials caused by production has been repeated to protect the global environment and resources;

4, it is manufactured by the molding process, with the excellent characteristics of wood and plastic, with real wood grain and fine texture.

5, The PS decorative molding is free of formaldehyde and heavy metals, and it is a new environmentally friendly new material to replace traditional wood;

The PS foam moldings are suitable for decoration in public places and indoor rooms, such as hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, offices, etc.

What surprised us is that with the development of environmental technologies, recycled polystyrene pellets are more popular in the market for PS decorative moldings production. This kind of recycled material not only saves resources, but also greatly reduces the price of raw materials, so that we can buy the same exquisite products at a lower price.

As a provider of recycled GPPS, INTCO recycling is committed to recycling polystyrene waste and made them into high quality PS pellets for over decades. It has adopted the famous plastic granulating machine EREMA to ensure the quality of the GPPS supplied. INTCO purchases polystyrene waste, sells PS pellets and recycled foam products like photo frames and PS decorative moldings worldwide. INTCO’s strong industrial chain makes it a reliable partner.

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