The wide applications of recycled GPPS made it popular with the public

GPPS is a hard, transparent material with high gloss. It is usually described as general purpose polystyrene(GPPS), but it also know as terms such as standard polystyrene, common polystyrene, transparent polystyrene or styrene homopolymer.

GPPS is transformed into a series of products by converting GPPS to granular form. It has several useful properties, such as strength, weather resistance and so on, making it an ideal choice for various industrial applications. General purpose polystyrene has very cheap production costs, can be easily stored, and can be easily molded. These features enable GPPS products to have multiple uses and recoverability. It also meets FDA standards and is resistant to X-rays and smells.

Because GPPS is easy to mold, nontoxic and harmless, it can be used as packaging materials like CD boxes,plastic cup, food containers and so on. The medical industry also uses GPPS to make test tubes, test kits, diagnostic products, petri dishes, tissue trays, etc. Even several household appliances, such as bathroom accessories and gardening equipment, use universal polystyrene.


General purpose polystyrene is also required for the manufacture of refrigerator components such as refrigerator trays and eggshells. Use GPPS to make popular consumer products such as toothbrush, toothbrush container, flat box, ballpoint pen box, geometric appliance, etc.

Electrical industrial, instrumentation, communications equipment industry and other various instruments. PS pellets has been widely used as a shell, lamp, optical parts, equipment parts, transparent windows mirror, transparent model, acid, chemical storage tank, acid tank transport, telecommunications components, high frequency capacitors, high frequency insulation pads, brackets, inserts and frozen insulating materials.

As recycled GPPS has so wide applications, we must regard polystyrene recycling as our responsibility. What’ more, we are supposed to find reliable supplier as INTCO recycling. Recycled GPPS should be attached more importance.

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