The wide applications of GPPS make its production more important

We are always calling for polystyrene recycling, but most of us may not know where our polystyrene waste has gone. Actually,the purpose for polystyrene recycling is not just for environmental protection, but also for resources saving, because the recycled polystyrene waste can be used to produce GPPS.

GPPS, shorted for general purpose polystyrene, is a clear polymer with high rigidity, good dimensional stability, low specific gravity and excellent electrical properties. It has several advantages over other polymers because of its clarity and processability. In addition, the cost of GPPS is low, so it is always a good choice to make other new products.

General purpose polystyrene is relatively strong and weather resistant. The material is easy to flow and is suitable for use in molds with end products such as toy CD boxes, clothes hangers and plastic cups. GPPS is used in IT equipment, clear jewelry boxes and other types of shells.

General purpose polystyrene is also used in disposable medical products such as test tubes, test kit shells, diagnostic products, petri dishes and tissue trays. Bathroom accessories and garden equipment are also made of recycled GPPS. Therefore, this type of polystyrene is really widely used.

As GPPS are used for such a wide variety of applications. Waste polystyrene recycling and GPPS making has become more important. INTCO, a manufacturer also a recycling company, has the whole production line of GPPS. Every year, INTCO purchases high quality polystyrene waste from all over the world, and use them to produce PS pellets in its factories in China and Malaysia.

With advanced technology and professional machine of EREMA, the GPPS we produced are of high quality. If you are looking for GPPS, you can choose INTCO, a good partner you can rely on!

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