The useful application of polystyrene particles

During recent years, with the rapid development of take-away food and packages, people are adapted to applying polystyrene or EPS foam products in daily lives. Though these kinds of plastic products do provide people more convenience and save people’s time, it really also brings some bad effects such as serious environment pollution. In order to solve the problem, more and more people are aware of the significance of foam recycling and take actions.


Millions of tons of polystyrene waste are dumped into the seas each year. These waste can cause damage to the water, fish or other creatures may eat the plastic waste. And this does harm for their health, people may also eat these polluted food, then leads to a vicious circle. So it is necessary for people to take some methods in order to recycle efficiently.

Many people don’t realize the waste polystyrene is recyclable and they usually throw them away after use. While some people, even they know it’s recyclable, they need help to know how to get started. Therefore, many recycling centers educate people about the knowledge of recycling.

Discarded polystyrene products has the large potential market. Companies are seeking foam around the world, transportation of the waste foam is convenient because it has been compressed, either thermally extruded or hydraulically compressed/thermally reduced into ingots or square blocks.

Waste plastics can be recycled and processed into renewable useful products. Polystyrene waste can be sold to manufacturers to build renewable useful plastic items such as picture frames and crown molding.


INTCO is one of the professional companies which produces recycling machines to process waste plastics into particles, then recycles and makes these particles into renewable useful products such as window frames and various kinds of decorative products. Recycling measures are very helpful in reducing the plastic pollution.

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