The source and selection of raw materials for recycled GPPS production

As GPPS is the most important raw materials for the production of polystyrene products, the emergence of recycled GPPS not only solves the foam waste accumulation problems, but also saves the original resources, making the waste of polystyrene reused again.

Recycled PS pellets is made of polystyrene waste, therefore, it is necessary to know which foam types meet the requirements of GPPS production and which types of foam scraps can be purchased directly.

  • Fish box, one of the most purchased EPS types, is also one of the earliest foreign EPS processing types. The disadvantage is high moisture content. Although the quality is not grade A, the fish boxes are very suitable for the frame industry.
  • Furniture packaging materials and electrical packaging materials. The advantages of such materials are that they are relatively clean, have few impurities, are very dry, can reach grade A, and the particles made are of good quality and relatively clean.
  • EPS manufacturers, the production process generated by the scraps, very clean, good quality, but pay attention to whether it contains flame retardant and dissolved fat is normal or not.
  • Building insulation board, such as house insulation board, paving earthquake insulation board. This material is divided into two types, one for the factory production, it is new material and the quality is better, but most contain flame retardant, if the content of flame retardant, will make the melting index is high. The second is used building insulation boards, which may contain impurities such as cement and need to be monitored for quality.
  • PSP food containers: there are two types of PSP materials. One is a clean, compressed leftover material produced by the PSP manufacturer, and the other is a used PSP meal box which contains food and is dirty, this type of PSP material cannot be used.

As a reliable general purpose polystyrene supplier, INTCO recycling purchases high quality polystyrene waste from all over the world, and makes then into PS pellets for sale. Anyone who needs recycled GPPS is welcome to consult us.

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