The rising price of GPPS makes it more important to ensure the quality of raw material

The price of polystyrene has been rising since late 2016, but the market for recycled polystyrene has so far barely changed.

In the United States, Domestic high impact polystyrene (HIPS) prices rose from 89 cents a pound in mid-December 2016 to 16 cents a pound to $1.055 a pound in mid-March 2017. In the same period, GPPS was 16.5 cents a pound to 97.5 cents a pound.

Since late 2016, the benzene market has lagged behind the rise in prices of styrene and quality polystyrene. But supply of major styrene in the first quarter of 2017 was constrained by factory outages, which also supported a major price rise in PS, the latest parade.

GPPS, general purpose polystyrene or crystal clear polystyrene, is fully transparent, yet brittle, and is widely used in food packaging applications or jewel cases.

As we know, GPPS can be produced by recycled polystyrene material, so the GPPS material is good or not is directly determined by the quality of recycled polystyrene waste. In addition, recycled GPPS often serves as the raw material of packaging products and frames, so the quality must be guaranteed, and even if the price grows up, we have to ensure the quality.

The general purpose polystyrene supplied by INTCO can be widely accepted by many EPS manufacturers at home and abroad. In order to ensure that the buyer get high quality GPPS. INTCO will ask the supplier to clarify the source of polystyrene waste and select a cleaner, which is in effect a recyclable material that can be collected and processed by a dedicated machine and compressed or melted into small volumes, so as to make polystyrene pellets.

The type of granulating machine mentioned above is known as EREMA, the world's most advanced technical granulator. INTCO has a total of 11 production bases in Shanghai and Zibo, and its warehouse stores 2000 tons of recycled polystyrene, which can be shipped at any time.

If you are looking for high quality GPPS material, you can choose INTCO. INTCO has become one of the most irreplaceable supplier of general purpose polystyrene in the world.

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