The recycled GPPS provided by INTCO can be made into many plastic products

Taking a look at your house, you make find that there are many plastic products. From children's toys, clothes hangers, plastic cups to IT equipment and house insulation. You can tell the difference between plastic and other materials, but what you don't know is raw material that they are made of.

Actually, the raw material of these plastic products is GPPS, which is usually made from polystyrene resin and other raw materials as polymer contents. The process of obtaining the raw material is relatively complex and costly. In order to get more economical and applicable materials, many companies are trying to find new alternatives.

Fortunately, we found that PS pellets made from polystyrene waste can also be used in the production of plastic products. Because of the low purchase price and simple processing of waste polystyrene, the recycled foam material is popular with many plastic manufacturers.

GPPS, shorted for General-Purpose Polystyrene has very inexpensive production cost, can be stored easily, and can be molded with ease. These characteristics render GPPS products versatile and recyclable.

Since GPPS is easy to form, it is usually used to make products like toys, CD cases, clothes hanger, plastic cups, IT equipment and other packaging products. The medical industry also uses GPPS to make test tubes, test kit housings, diagnostic products, petri dishes, tissue trays, etc.

As GPPS is so widely used, the large demands of raw material made recycled GPPS more popular. INTCO, a manufacturer and also a recycling company, has committed to this industry for more than 20 years. It continuously purchases clean recycled polystyrene foam throughout the world and granulate it with the best machine "EREMA" to ensure the high quality of regenerated PS pellets.

Now, the products like photo frames and decoration moldings made by INTCO has been sold all over the world. INTCO has become one of the industry's most trusted suppliers.

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