The production process and applications of recycled GPPS

Recycled plastic, an acronym for " General Purpose Polystyrene" is the product of this plastic recycling process. GPPS is a monomer polymer called styrene, which is produced by suspension. Recycled GPPS polymers are widely used for their high stiffness, good stability and excellent electrical properties.

As a polymer, General Purpose Polystyrene is a solid product that is translucent in nature and is usually compressed as a particle during processing. In addition, recycled GPPS plastics have a wide range of advantages. It is FDA compatible, non-toxic, has good dimensional stability, and is easy to glue and paint.

From hangers, garden furniture, cooling equipment, disposable cups and toys to CD cases, IT equipment, disposable medical products, test tubes, and even bathroom accessories, recycled GPPS offers a wide range of applications.

Most of the recycled GPPS are used in the production of XPS insulation panels and other building decoration materials. If the factory does not install the wall and XPS board flame retardant treatment, there will be a great fire hazard. The flame retardant modification of regenerated PS particles can improve the oxygen index of polystyrene materials and achieve the flame retardant goal.

INTCO recycling is the manufacturers of high quality General Purpose Polystyrene (GPPS) recycled plastic granules suitable for various applications including thermoforming and molding.

To keep supplies stable, INTCO recycling purchases compressed polystyrene blocks and foam lumps from all over the world. We ship these waste to our Malaysian factory, where we have multiple pelletizing lines. Some of the recycled GPPS produced are for personal use and some are supplied to manufacturers around the world. In the process of waste procurement and production, we have strict quality control process, and the recycled GPPS produced meets the reusing standards.

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