The photo frame made from PS pellets from INTCO has a prospective market in the world

The development of photography in the past over 100 years has promoted the prosperity of the photo frame industry. A painting, a photo, a cross stitch, the external frame decoration of which, definitely accounted for 70% of the overall appearance. "A picture of a word, three points to write, seven points framed" is what it means.


Globally, the annual market value of photo frame is about $800 million, among which, Italy and Spain contribute the most, for each 30%. Some other European countries supply 10%, the same as America. Indonesia takes up for 8%, and Malaysia 2%. Then the rest of the supply depends on the other countries’ 10%.


Taiwan used to be a strong export place for photo frames, one of the world's top 10 largest export bars. However, as the factory cost grew, manufacturers in Taiwan moved to Asia to produce photo frames and other frame strips.

In Asia, INTCO recycling is the leading supplier of PS recycling solutions, and even in the whole world. During the past 10 years, INTCO has always been committed to renewable plastic recycling. Through the process of high efficient regeneration, PS pellets can be formed and applied to photo frames, and some other frame strips, highly praised by customers at home and abroad.


The popularity of INTCO and its photo frames can owing to the raw material, the recycled PS pellets, which are made from pure EPS scrap, without contamination nor moisture.

Moreover, INTCO recycled PS pellets are guaranteed with high quality, reaching the international SGS standard, thanks to the adoption of the world’s most expensive granulator EREMA and most advanced granulation technology with 80 meshes (180μm) filters. Authorized certifications like SGS, ISO are also obtained.

With the exquisite imitative wood surface processing and low cost advantages, the photo frame from INTCO has gradually replaced the traditional wooden frame, and is widely used in the field of global Home Furnishing decoration.


Since entering the Chinese market, INTCO, as the general purpose polystyrene supplier, has been committed to promoting environmental protection. Its business philosophy to reduce white pollution, to promote recycling of resources, and to reuse green application, the integrated management mode of circular economy, has been recognized by most governments and associations at home.

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