The disposable plastic dishware can be made from recycled PS pellets supplied by INTCO

It’s coming the Chinese New Year and the Christmas holiday is barely over. Colorful parties are necessary among people to people to celebrate. When we hold parties, the ice creams, cakes, and some other desserts are often equipped with disposable plastic dishware.

Long time ago, people need to spend much more personal time washing a host of metal dishware after each meal. Once a time since the disposable plastic dishware was invented, life has been much more convenience that people just need to throw away the disposable ones without washing them.


Among the food businesses, in order to cater to the preferences of different customers, many disposable plastic knives, forks and spoons are made from transparent surface into a colorful appearance.

Due to its wide application and great convenience to our life, more and more manufactures are seeking for a more cost-effective production to make more profits. As a result, the optional selection of their raw materials has successfully attracted most manufactures’ attention.


What are the raw materials for these disposable plastic dishware? Actually most of these plastic dishware is polystyrene dishware, which, the raw material can be PS pellets in two different types: newly made PS pellets and recycled PS pellets.

It is commonly known that newly made PS pellets cost too much despite good quality. On the contrary, the recycled PS pellets are much more cost-effective, among which, the quality of the highest level can be of no differences to the newly made PS pellets.


It must be referred that, as general purpose polystyrene supplier, INTCO is the leader of recycled PS pellets in the world markets. On one hand, as the raw material to produce recycled PS pellets, the EPS scraps are selected from all over the word and only the clean ones can be used to produce high level pellets. On the other hand, with advanced technology and equipment, INTCO uses the best granulating machine called EREMMA to operate the whole process.


Due to 20 year’s trail and experience, INTCO has now become the biggest recycled PS pellets supplier in the world market with customers located from all over the world. It is the high quality, reasonable price and a comprehensive range of services that make INTCO win the leading role in the recycled PS pellets market.

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