Recycled raw materials for XPS insulation board supplied by INTCO

What is the raw materials of the XPS insulation board?

It is called PS pellets. The PS raw material is granulated from recycled EPS foam material.

EPS is short for expanded polystyrene. It is a perfect material for recycling. More and more industries use EPS, such as packaging, concrete and fish processing.


If the EPS is recycled, it can be granulated into pellets to make other products, such as frame products and XPS insulation board.

The recycled PS pellets from INTCO have different grades. , Grade A is totally transparent color, the quality of the XPS board which made out of this grade is pretty good. This kind of XPS board will have perfect insulation effect, and the raw materials will not add any other ingredients. The XPS manufacturers can use Grade A PS pellets to produce any color XPS insulation board according to the requirements of the guests.


But many manufactures‘ production cost is limited, and the production process is not complex too , so there are other PS pellets with lower grade and color . Such as light yellow pellets can be used to make yellow XPS board without dyeing. Some companies which is specializing in the production of gray or black XPS insulation board can directly choose the gray or black PS pellets to produce their own insulation board.


The recycled PS pellets supplied by INTCO can even totally replace the newly made PS pellets, and it has a competitive price. What’s more, the quality of recycled PS pellets is high as well, and it can save much cost for many XPS manufacturers.

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