Recycled PS pellets can be used as the raw material for foam food containers production

Have you noticed the material of the single-used food containers in your hand? In fact, as we've been using it daily, most takeout food containers are PSP lunch boxes made from general-purpose polystyrene, which also known as GPPS.

GPPS can come in different forms as raw materials. It can be either original oil or recycled polystyrene material. But different resources have different prices. Compared with the original PS pellets, the recycled PS pellets are much cheaper, and some recycled PS pellets can completely replace the original PS pellets.

Many food tray factories may choose recycled PS pellets as the raw material for foam food containers production. Due to their good flame retardant properties, low moisture content and high purity, recycled PS pellets are very popular in the food trays and lunch boxes manufacturing industry.

INTCO recycling can steadily supply different grades of PS pellets from A to C. The recycled PS pellets from INTCO China can totally replace the virgin PS pellets, as INTCO purchases the clean recycled polystyrene foam around the world and it uses the best granulating machine “EREMA” to granulate it into pellets, so its PS pellets have stable quality and characteristics, which can also ensure the quality of foam food containers.

INTCO recycling has three production facilities in Shanghai, Shandong and Malaysia, and it is also the main buyer of polystyrene scraps in the market. Every month we need more than 5000 tons of waste polystyrene to produce recycled PS pellets, so the supply is sufficient. We are willing to serve more customers and look forward to cooperating with you.

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