Recycled PS pellets are perfect raw materials for XPS insulation board

Polystyrene pellets are raw materials for XPS production. There are two resources of PS pellets.  One is newly made PS pellet, the other is recycled PS pellet.

Newly made PS pellets are directly extracted from the oil. The recycled PS pellets are made of EPS(expanded polystyrene )materials. EPS materials can come from household appliances, fish boxes, and building materials. These EPS materials are valuable and recyclable materials.


So why do the recycled PS pellets are good for XPS board production? Recycled PS pellets can be graded, the highest level of PS pellets generally have no differences between the newly made PS pellets which can totally replace the newly made PS pellets, and the most important value is PS pellets’ good quality, and the price of PS pellets are also lower than the newly made PS pellets.

The highest grade PS pellets can be dyed according to the needs of the guests.

There are also recycled PS pellets with lower grade, the recycled PS pellets themselves will have some light colors, but this kind of recycled PS pellets have the same high quality, except not conducive to dyeing, because the PS pellets used to produce XPS board will bring their own colors, such as light blue PS pellets will produce blue XPS boards, so generally the manufacturers which produce blue XPS board may prefer the recycled light blue PS pellets.


INTCO is a professional granulation company, its PS pellets are from the recycled EPS materials around the world, and they use the best machine to granulate, so the quality and stability of the PS pellets are very high. INTCO is the end user of EPS materials, so their PS pellets are not only available for some XPS manufacturers, but they also use the recycled PS pellets to make frame products. They are the company which really want to reuse the world’s resources. If more companies are engaged in this industry, it will be great help for protecting the environment.

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