Recycled PS and granulation

1 Recycling granulation
By heating the dense, cold crushing or cold compression technology to reduce the volume of EPS waste and re-granulated. Then granulated directly and using PS pellets or EPS polymer pellets are mixed with other raw materials (such as linear SBS) processed into plastic alloy manufacturing plastic products, such as racks, flower pots, videos, furniture, building materials or insulation materials.

EPS board

For EPS waste recycling problems, Intco GREENMAX developed a new generation of energy-efficient EPS foam compression equipment that compress or hot melt styrofoam to reduce its volume and increase its density, the compressed volume is 1/40 of the original volume, from the source to solve the foam recycling and transportation problems. INTCO built a model of environmental protection in PS moulding and other outdoor decorative areas, is aclaimed unique in the industry.
2 Blends obtained lightweight new materials
Crushing waste EPS and directly reuse as an additive to mix with other materials (such as concrete, plaster or natural fibers) manufacturing new lightweight hybrid materials: lightweight roof insulation materials, concrete foam insulation board, fiber-reinforced sound insulation board plant fiber enhanced insulation material and noise insulation bricks.
3 Recycled GPPS Applications
Packaging foam
Recycled GPPS is widely used as the packaging foam to protect the contents. EPS foam excellent damping performance and low cost make it become an ideal packaging material.
Loose filler may be 100% of GPPS and used as a consignment in a box around an object package packing to prevent damage objects.

Recycled Pellets GPPS
XPS board
Many XPS insulation board factories usually select new polystyrene foam material, due to its too high cost, the prices of XPS board are relatively expensive. The cost of recycled PS pellets is also low, its cost just accounted for half or two thirds of the new polystyrene foam material. Using recycled GPPS, the producing cost of XPS boards can be reduced; the profit rate and customer satisfaction can be improved.
PS wood substitutes
Recycled GPPS timber can be used as a substitute for alternative materials housing construction and furniture production. Extruded PS material used to produce window frames, trusses and herringbone flooring. Why is this an attractive material? Because recycled PS has timber properties in the same look, feel, density, structure and performance.

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