Recycled plastic granules

Recycled plastic granules belong to this category of plastic granules, recycled plastic refers to used material or waste plastics screwed by machine by a plastic granulator into granular particles. Recycled plastic particles distinguished rank mainly based on the characteristics of the raw materials, and the processing of the plastic particles.

plastic granules
In general, the secondary material can be used for blown film, drawing, etc., while the three materials generally used for injection molding which applied in all aspects of life and production and to facilitate people's production and life, the benefit of mankind. Therefore, the prospects of recycled plastic granules is wide.
It is reported that a medium-sized plastic sheeting plant annually requires high pressure 1000 tons polyethylene material (LDPE). Currently, the country LDPE plastics market average price is 7,000 yuan / ton, LDPE recycled granules average price is 3,800 yuan / ton. If a medium-sized plastic sheeting plant half purchased recycled plastic granules, the raw material cost would save 1.6 million yuan one year.

After the waste plastics processed into granules, has a good overall performance, can meet blown film, drawing, tube drawing, injection molding, extrusion profiles and other technical requirements, not only to solve the pollution problem, but also to create new revenue opportunities for small and medium investors. Waste plastics recycled plastic particles sales very wide, the demand of plastics industry is great, recycled plastics particles are subjected to special favor, there is a huge market prospects.

According to the use of different materials, Recycled plastic particles can be distinguished rank, generally, a secondary material can be used for blown film, drawing, etc., but generally only for three feed injection, used in the production of life and in all aspects, therefore, the market is promising.

Both from the environmental point of view, from a cost perspective, waste plastics industries have very broad prospects. Low price of recycled plastic granules, has a strong advantage, may become the dominant force in the plastics industry.

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