Recycled GPPS supplied by INTCO Recycling has good quality assurance

Picture frame production business is a very old business. Before plastic foam frames, wooden frames were the only product in this industry. There is no doubt that plastic foam photo frames have brought many opportunities to this market.

GPPS, also known as general purpose polystyrene is a good material to make beautiful picture frames. This material is made of native resin or recycled polystyrene, and the demand of GPPS is now increasing in European and American markets.

According to State Statistical Bureau, recycled GPPS have been widely used in every business related to the production of plastic products, with the exception of the picture frame industry. It can meet the technical requirements of film blowing, stretching, injection molding, extrusion and other applications.

The wide applications of recycled GPPS has raised higher requirements for waste polystyrene recycling. INTCO recycling, as the only company with a whole industry chain of compression, recycling and granulation, shoulders the major responsibility of polystyrene recycling.

INTCO recycling offers professional foam compactors for foam manufacturers and recyclers, and purchase back compressed polystyrene blocks to make high quality polystyrene pellets.

As a global leader of recycled GPPS suppliers, INTCO recycling is committed to ensuring its quality in two respects. On the one hand, as the raw material for the production of GPPS, polystyrene blocks are selected from all over the world, and only clean polystyrene waste can be used to produce high quality PS pellets. On the other hand, with advanced technology and equipment, INTCO uses the best granulation equipment known as EREMA to make recycled GPPS in an effective way.

Committed to the PS pellets production industry for more than 20 years, the recycled GPPS provided by INTCO recycling has a good quality assurance and service reputation.

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