Recycled GPPS is more cost-effective for XPS insulation board production

Recycled GPPS is more cost-effective for XPS insulation board production


When it comes to building insulation, most of us may think of fluffy materials that tend to compress or tear. However, rigid foam board insulation is a unique choice of insulation that provides excellent durability and insulation.

Extruded polystyrene (XPS) hard foam is usually blue or pink with a smooth plastic surface. The XPS panel typically does not face other materials. This type of hard foam doesn't absorb water and is more durable than foaming polystyrene, so it's probably the most versatile of hard foam.

Many XPS insulation manufacturers typically choose new XPS raw material to make the insulation board. However, in recent years, with the decline of polystyrene resin, raw material prices have gradually increased. The XPS board is relatively expensive due to the high cost of original PS pellets. Therefore, the recycled general purpose polystyrene (GPPS) has become more popular since then.

The performance of the recycled GPPS material is much lower than that of the new PS pellets, which only accounts for half or two-thirds of the new polystyrene foam. Using recycled GPPS can greatly reduce the production cost of the XPS board, improve profit margins and customer satisfaction.

Recycled PS pellets are hard to identify, and they are also the raw material for many common items in our daily lives, including some necessities like cups, toothbrushes, combs and food containers. They are also widely used in picture frames, park benches and floors, clothes hangers, etc.

These raw materials can be supplied by INTCO recycling, the most dependable general purpose polystyrene supplier China. As a world market leader in PS pellets industry, its recycled PS pellets are well known all over the world and can even completely replace the original ones.


If you are the XPS insulation board manufacturer or looking for high quality GPPS material, INTCO recycling is you reliable partner.

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