Recycled GPPS can make XPS production more efficient and profitable

Extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam has many advantages as building insulation material. Extruded polystyrene foam sheaths are energy efficient, easy to install, light, blue, pink, or green, and can be used to form continuous insulation and moisture-proof walls on buildings using a single product, thus contributing to energy efficiency.

The extruded polystyrene foam begins with solid PS pellet of polystyrene resin. The PS particles are fed into the extruder where they are melted and mixed with key additives to form viscous fluids. Next, the foaming agent is injected to inflate the foam product. Under carefully controlled thermal and pressure conditions, the plastic mixture is forced to pass through the mold to the desired shape. The rigid foam plastic is then trimmed to the final product dimensions and is usually recognized as boards.

The raw material of XPS is PS pellets. As raw materials for XPS production, PS pellets can be divided into two types: original GPPS and recycled GPPS. Although the original one is purer than the recycled one, the fact is that the original GPPS is much more expensive.

As the demand of XPS material has increased, recycled GPPS has become more popular due to the reasonable price and good performance.


The recycled GPPS supplied by INTCO recycling can completely replace the original GPPS with high quality. The recycled PS pellets from INTCO China are made from EPS wastes that purchased from all over the world. In the procurement of raw materials, INTCO has a strict monitoring and regulatory mechanism. So the PS pellets produced are with quality assurance.

In order make your XPS production more efficient and profitable, recycled GPPS from INTCO recycling is a good option.

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