Recycled GPPS can be used to make new products to meet the requirements of modern decoration style

Recycled GPPS can be used to make new products to meet the requirements of modern decoration style

As the currently popular decorative building materials, PS decorative moldings not only have unique advantages in practical value, their style and appearance also meet the psychological needs of consumers, but also green environmental protection, no formaldehyde, no heavy metal, leading the trend of green building materials.

In the past, people attached great importance to the TV background wall when decorating, hoping to have a beautiful and individual background wall, but now something has changed. Nowadays, the main force of decoration is after 80s and 90s, the thinking and concept are completely liberated, and the TV background wall is not as important as the past. The background wall is more concise and the application of PS material is more and more extensive.

At present, the demand for a large number of PS materials is already in short supply of raw materials, and the recycled materials market has prospered.

In fact, recycled PS material like recycled GPPS can be recycled from waste polystyrene products. In the past, due to the environmental protection recycling policy and the imperfect recycling system, people generally mistakenly believe that used polystyrene material is worthless and occupy a lot of spaces. Therefore, the waste disposal department is talking about foam packaging materials for landfill or incineration, which greatly aggravates the deterioration of the environment. As a recycling specialist in the foam recycling industry, GREENMAX polystyrene compactor has been committed to the recycling of polystyrene foam, providing waste foam integrated solutions for customers at home and abroad.

INTCO recycling recycles polystyrene waste to make high quality polystyrene pellets in its own factories in China and Malaysia. Professional granulating machine and strict quality control system ensure that our PS pellets are in high quality and reliable.

The recycled GPPS can be used to make new products, such as picture frames and decorative moldings to meet the requirements of modern decoration style.

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