Recycled GPPS: Advanced renewable resources for plastic products production

GPPS - general purpose polystyrene, is a transparent polymer polymerized from styrene monomer. GPPS can be used for injection and extrusion applications. Recycled GPPS is a good opportunity for foam products manufacturers to embrace new technologies by reducing costs and shortening release times.

Applications of GPPS:

• Thin-walled packaging
• Extruded foam packaging
• POS display shelf
• Disposable household items and tableware
• Mix with HIPS for FFS hot forming
• XPS insulation
• Medical laboratory appliances
• Mixed with SBC for transparent impact applications

Benefits and features:

• Excellent flow properties
• High heat resistance
• High molecular weight
• High transparency
• Ease of processing
• Low shrinkage
• Very low moisture absorption

Recycled GPPS manufacturers

INTCO recycling, As the largest buyer of polystyrene scraps in the polystyrene recycling market, it is also a global general purpose polystyrene supplier. We have strict quality control in the process of waste polystyrene recycling, providing different grades of recycled GPPS pellets.

Nowadays, more and more countries and regions call for the use of renewable resources. With the shortage of GPPS raw materials, the price of GPPS new materials keeps rising, and the recycled GPPS has become a welcome new material in the market.

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