Recycled eps pellets can be produced by INTCO in Malaysia factory

Since 2002 when first PS molding manufacturer was built, INTCO has recycled annually 50,000 tons of PS waste and converted it into green products. Now INTCO grows into a reputational green-tech manufacturer with 3 plants in China in Shanghai, Zibo and Lu'an, over 120 PS extrusion lines, 5,000 talented employees, 1.2 million cases of PS molding output annually.


The better news is that INTCO Malaysia factory is now on build and will be put into operation soon.

Once the business in Malaysia granulation factory is put into operation, it is not only beneficial to the expansion of market, but also brings about much convenience to raw material supplier, making it a reality to granulate PS pellets abroad, especially the Southeast Asian market.


Soon in the near future, the PS scarps will be purchased in from all over the world, whether compacted blocks or melted ingots, can be transported directly to the Malaysia factory. The amount purchased will be in a large number at that time and the recycled eps pellets can be largely provided to customers all over the world.


All of the time, as general purpose polystyrene supplier, INTCO purchased all types of PS scraps, including compressed blocks, melted ingots and PS renewable pellets. With self-owned AQSIQ certificate and other documents complying with Chinese laws and regulations, INTCO is one of the largest legal scrap importers in China. INTCO’s experience would help you resolve any issues regarding exporting waste products to China.


The EPS scraps can be recycled into blocks or ingots for granulating. With advanced machines, INTCO has been in the EPS recycling and granulating for more than 20 years and can absolutely guarantee the high quality of its products.

In addition to the supply to frame products manufacturers, or customers like XPS manufacturers and food tray producers, INTCO also uses its recycled GPPS to make its own frame products and they are well accepted by customers both at home and abroad.

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