Raw materials of the XPS insulation board with different colours

XPS stands for Extruded Polystyrene. XPS foam board is essentially liquified then molded and compressed styrofoam. XPS foam board insulation helps keep outdoor air from getting inside your home and conditioned indoor air from escaping. This is achieved by trapping pockets of air and slowing down the in/out process.

XPS foam board is an insulation material similar to polyisocyanurate in its texture and rigidity. It is usually blue or pink in color, with a smooth plastic surface. Like fiberglass, the pink and blue colors are not natural. Polystyrene is liquified to create XPS. This liquid is mixed into a foam then shaped in a flat mold. Once hardened, it is cut into the 4’x 8’ sheet boards.


How to manufacture XPS board with different colors?

The colors of the XPS insulation board is not natural. On the one hand, XPS board can be made of PS raw materials, and the PS pellets are recycled materials. Generally, the XPS board made from the recycled transparent PS pellets has no color, manufacturers can tint it according to customers’ needs. Light blue or light yellow recycled PS pellets, can be used to manufacture perfect blue or yellow board. However, the XPS board made of general recycled black pellets cannot be tinted. So the different colors of the XPS board can depend on the color and grade of the recycled PS pellets. On the other hand, XPS board are also now widely use the PS pellets from the newly manufactured EPS foam materials. This kind of XPS board are mainly tinted by coloring agent.

The recycled PS pellets mentioned above are made from the waste EPS foam materials. Recycled EPS foam materials can be granulated by the granulator. GPPS pellets recycled from the waste EPS foam is a really good raw material to manufacture XPS board.

INTCO is a professional granulation company, most of their raw materials are derived from the waste EPS foam. The granulator they use is the best granulator “ERMMA”. The PS pellets made by it are of high quality and are also very stable, especially the Grade A pellets have a large demand by many XPS manufacturers.

Many manufacturers of XPS board are favored Grade A pellets from INTCO, because the Grade A PS pellets can be tinted into different colors, in line with public demands.


Now have you known about the origin of the XPS insulation board with different colors? I guess the answer must be positive.

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