Raw materials for XPS from China is much cheaper than many other countries

Building insulation can be segmented into residential insulation and non-residential insulation. Residential insulation refers to insulation in individual homes (walls, floor, attics and roof); while non-residential insulation includes insulation in offices, factories, institutions, hospitals, shopping malls and other public buildings.
Mineral wool was the most preferred insulation method in the past years, but it lost market share to fiber glass and foamed plastic insulation materials. Fiberglass insulation and foamed plastic insulation are the major insulation types that dominate the market. New method of insulation, such as the aerogel technology is expected to witness growth in the future.

Extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation is resistant to degradation from the components of common soils and will retain its insulating performance characteristics even after prolonged exposure to moisture. So it is a very popular insulation materials for building construction.

Not only in China , but also in many other countries , the application of the XPS insulation board is very large. And the XPS raw materials which known as PS pellets are facing large demands at present in 2017.
Especially in China , PS pellets are cost-effective raw materials than other countries. Not only the recycled PS pellets, but also the newly made ones.

As the recent market tendency shows, the newly made PS pellets (made from oil which are much more expensive than the recycled PS pellets) even charge low price. And the price of recycled PS pellets which almost have the same quality with the newly made ones even much lower.

INTCO recycling is a typical Chinese company which is committed to the recycled PS pellets production. They purchase back the recycled Styrofoam materials like Styrofoam blocks or ingots to granulate PS pellets to make frame products and also supply to XPS board manufactures both at home and abroad.
The recycled PS pellets from INTCO are well accepted by the XPS board manufactures, not only because of the competitive price , but also the high quality.

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