Raw material for XPS can be recycled polystyrene pellets with lower price

With the development of technology such as Eco-friendly CO2 technology, which can be opted as an alternative to F-gases in the production of XPS insulation board, It can not be denied that technology development is an essential reason for the growth of the demand for XPS insulation board. However, technological development is not the only reason. XPS raw materials for insulation board also play an important role in its production. Meanwhile, what is the raw material for XPS?


The raw materials of XPS are polystyrene pellets, which are firstly mixed with various chemicals, then heated until the pellets liquefy. When the pellets cool, they will be turned into tiny beads. Then the beads are heated and injected into flat molds and when the molds cool, the material is cut into panels of various lengths, widths and densities to use as insulation. The final product is rigid, dense and waterproof. As a result, XPS is commonly used for roofing and below grade to insulate cement slabs and foundation walls.

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As the raw materials for XPS production, Polystyrene pellets(PS pellets/GPPS) can be divided into two types: virgin GPPS and recycled GPPS. Although, the virgin one is more pure than the recycled one, the price of the virgin GPPS is much more expensive. Generally speaking, the virgin PS pellets can be directly made from oil while the recycled ones are made from EPS scraps. In spite of the superior quality of the virgin ones, the price of them is much higher than the recycled PS pellets. Meanwhile, in many cases, the recycled PS pellets in some manufacturing companies can totally replace the virgin ones for its perfect characteristics and property.

With the development of modernization, the construction industry always remains very hot. Thus the demand for this kind of XPS insulation board is increasing accordingly. In this case, more and more manufacturers are beginning to consider and seeking for reform and innovation.


The question is how to reduce the cost of XPS insulation board manufacturing so as to gain more benefits? Many manufacturers take account of XPS raw materials. Therefore, how to ensure the quality of XPS insulation board while reducing manufacturing costs has been plaguing many suppliers and manufacturers.

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