XPS board

Recycled GPPS  Can Be Used To Produce XPS board

What is extruded polystyrene board?
XPS insulation board is extruded polystyrene insulation board, is made from polystyrene resin as raw material, and mixed other raw materials and poly content by heating, and injected with catalyst, then extruded molding and manufacturing extruded rigid foam board.

XPS boardXPS foam board insulation

XPS boards has perfect closed cellular structure, this structure to XPS construction panel has very low water absorption, which allows XPS board has very low water absorption, low thermal conductivity, high pressure resistance, aging resistance, long life, low thermal conductivity, excellent performance. XPS insulation boards are energy saving insulation materials.

Where do we use XPS board?

Major applications of extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation boards for use in walls, floors, and roofs of domestic as well as commercial buildings due to its light weight, strength and thermal insulation characteristics. The polystyrene insulation provided cost effective high performance solutions in building and construction industry.

Why do factories choose recycled GPPS as the material in production of XPS board?
Many XPS insulation board factories usually select new polystyrene foam material, due to its too high cost, the prices of XPS board are relatively expensive. Thus, the high-qualified polystyrene raw materials recycled GPPS is the general preferred material, the performance of PS pellets material is no less great than new polystyrene material. On the other hand, the cost of recycled PS pellets is also low,  its cost just accounted for half or two thirds of the new polystyrene foam material. Using recycled GPPS, the producing cost of XPS boards can be reduced; the profit rate and customer satisfaction can be improved.

And in the construction process, many construction panel factories choose recycled polystyrene raw materials as one of materials to produce XPS boards which manufactured is featured by impact resistance, noise resistance, heat preservation, moisture resistance, safety, cleanness, blister plasticizing capability and etc.Due to its high cleanliness and high purity, recycled GPPS is very popular in the building and construction industries.

PS pelletsGREENMAX PS pellets

The advantages of INTCO PS pellets:
a. High-quality. INTCO PS granules paid more attention to the technical parameters, reached the international quality SGS standard. We make REPRO GPPS pellets that have been batch blended and tested in our laboratory for a consistent end product. INTCO PS pellets can be partially added or 100% use as the raw material of XPS boards, compared to the new polystyrene foam material, recycled GPPS can significantly reduce the cost. Our quality is above reproach and we want to prove it!
b. Competitive price. INTCO Recycling strives to ethically produce and sell our PS pellets at a competitive price while maintaining high standards of safety, constantly aiming to improve our quality standards and developing innovative ways in which to better serve our customers.
c. Reliable sources. INTCO recycled 4000 tons PS scraps every month. Our warehouse inventory stocks 2000 tons recycled GPPS that can be shipped at any time.

The detailed specifications of INTCO PS pellets:
a. Little impurities. Hetero quality is rare, our own factory controlled within 0.5%.The granulating machine uses 80-mesh strainer and 100%.
b. Fit melt flow index (MFI). The quality of INTCO PS pellets is close to the new polystyrene foam material. We provide recycled GPPS on an individual customer basis. Each request is not the same. For example, polystyrene insulation board guests request the ASTM of recycled PS pellets within 5-30 G/10min. INTCO provided great recycled GPPS with fit melt flow index, we 100% guarantee that the project has no risk and insecurity, but also XPS foam insulation board can achieve the use effect and user standard.
c. Lower moisture content. The moisture content of INTCO PS pellets is less than 0.15%.
d. High purity. INTCO PS pellets has no impurities, have fit expansion ratio and  strength for XPS insulation board. If 100% using INTCO recycled GPPS, you can produce 100mm thick XPS board which can even reach 120mm.
e. Uniform color. INTCO has clear/natural transparent GPPS , colored transparent GPPS and Dark colored GPPS. It is available and alternative for guests to choose suitable color PS granules to manufacture XPS insulation board.