A famous US framing factory saved production costs by using the GPPS from INTCO

Inteplast -- a famous American framing company in New Jersey. It’s famous for its window frame products. Inteplast started to use INTCO ‘s recycled GPPS as the raw materials for its frame products since 2015. Inteplast not only saved its production costs, but also ensure the frame quality at the same time.

INTCO has been engaged in the frame production industry for more than 20 years, its frame products are sold all over the world. INTCO not only has abundant frame production experience, but also has a very high standard in the frame raw materials quality control process.

Inteplast also has a high-end frame production technology in the frame production industry, which is very similar to INTCO.

Inteplast mentioned “INTCO is a company which has the same frame production process with us, but INTCO has its own good resources of waste EPS materials (the granulating raw materials for recycled GPPS). So to consider the use of GPPS pellets, INTCO has stable and secure quality of plastic frame raw materials for us to choose.” What Inteplast said is one of the important reasons why INTCO becomes the leader in the recycled GPPS industry.

In the face of INTCO 's suggestions and its successful cases and in order to reduce frame production costs, Inteplast began to have a try of INTCO ’s recycled GPPS. After the trial, Inteplast was surprised at the quality of INTCO 's GPPS and finally Inteplast purchased a cabinet (18 tons) of B + level GPPS.

Inteplast not only successfully controlled the frame production costs, but also greatly improved its competitiveness, which enabled it to occupy a place in the US market. The whole process has once again confirmed the strength of INTCO recycling, and INTCO convinced Inteplast with its good-quality recycled GPPS and sincere service.

To be a well-deserved recycled GPPS leader, INTCO recycling will continue to improve the GPPS production technology and use the best granulating machine and control and ensure the GPPS quality in the future.