Recycled GPPS Can Be Used To Produced Framing

What is PS frame?
Polystyrene is often used to produce foam products. Polystyrene can also make different mechanical properties and frame products with other types of rubber polymer materials. The one of common applications are a variety of PS framing products. Recycled GPPS is widely used in PS framing material. Waste EPS foam can be highly recycled, is green application in environment-friendly PS frame, outdoor flooring and other indoor decoration material field.

PS recycle

PS frame and finished frame products, Due to its surface performance of wood processing and low cost advantages, PS frame has gradually developed into the best alternative materials of traditional wooden frame and photo products, is widely used in the field of global home decoration and indoor and outdoor building materials.


Why do factories choose recycled GPPS as the material in production of PS frame?
Recycled GPPS is the main material in PS framing production. Due to its great performance, high quality and low cost advantages, Polystyrene is colorless and transparent, can free color, relative density is only under PP and PE, has excellent electrical properties especially high frequency characteristics. In addition, light stability is only under the acrylic resin, but the anti radiation ability is the strongest in all plastics.

The most important feature of polystyrene is the great thermal stability and fluidity when melting, so it is easy molding especially injection molding. Recycled GPPS is suitable for mass production. Molding shrinkage is small, and molding or dimensional stability is also good. So PS pellets have gradually developed into the best alternative materials to manufacture frames and photo products, is widely used in the field of global home decoration and indoor and outdoor building materials.

The advantages of INTCO PS pellets:
a. High quality. INTCO machines are properly designed and maintained to run each specification developed. So the quality of INTCO PS pellets is above reproach and we want to prove it. Because our own factory also uses these REPRO PS granules to produce frames and decoration products. So we ensure the PS pellets to fit your specifically defined customer needs. INTCO PS pellets will be tested before, during and after the granulating process
b. Competitive price. INTCO distributes a wide variety of PS granules at great prices.
c. Reliable sources. Our warehouse inventory stocks 2000 tons recycled GPPS that can be shipped at any time. And Our high quality PS granules offers a competitive and environmentally sustainable alternative to PS frames.

PS granulesPS granules

Using INTCO PS pellets, will make your PS framing:
a. Environmental protection: can be recycled, does not contain harmful substances, no smell pollution, green.
b. Stability: anti-oxidation, waterproof, mold decay, effective flame retardant, long-lasting performance.
c. Convenience: Household product placement is simple, convenient building materials and construction, can be cut, can be sawed, nailed, paint; can change the color and the frame type according to customer demand.
d. Diversity: The product can have more than 10,000 models by using INTCO PS pellets, the product looks elegant and chic, simple and back to nature.
e. Cycle: The product can be recycled use, truly 3R international environmental standards.