Food trays

Recycled GPPS Can Be Used To Produce Food Trays

What is food trays?
PSP lunch boxes is the most environmentally friendly health and is the most reasonable disposable, you can use PS pellets materials to produce food trays. Food trays and lunch boxes are widely used in our daily life because it is convenient and light in weight. There are many kinds of food trays, such as PSP food trays and so on. We can see many kinds of material easily and know the usage of materials in food eating places and supermarket. Many food trays are PSP. We can see this kind of material easily and know the usage of materials in food eating places.

food traysfood trays

Why do factories choose recycled GPPS as the material in production of food trays?
Many food trays factories choose recycled polystyrene materials as one of materials to produce lunch boxes. Due to its great flame retardant, lower moisture content and high purity, recycled GPPS is very popular in the food trays and lunch boxes manufacture industry.

lunch boxes recyclinglunch boxes recycling

The advantages of INTCO PS pellets:
a. High-quality. INTCO PS granules paid more attention to the technical parameters, reached the international quality SGS standard. We make REPRO GPPS pellets that have been batch blended and tested in our laboratory for a consistent end product. Our quality is above reproach and we want to prove it!
b. Competitive price. INTCO Recycling strives to ethically produce and sell our PS pellets at a competitive price while maintaining high standards of safety, constantly aiming to improve our quality standards and developing innovative ways in which to better serve our customers.
c. Reliable sources. INTCO recycled 4000 tons PS scraps every month. Our warehouse inventory stocks 2000 tons recycled GPPS that can be shipped at any time.
d. Environmental Water Treatment.
e. Clear color. INTCO has clear/natural transparent GPPS. It is available for guests to choose suitable color PS granules to manufacture food trays.

Clear transparentGPPS

The features of food trays after using INTCO PS pellets:
1, Food trays are in line with food hygiene standards
2, light weight (0.5-0.6g / cm3) - lighter40% than PP lunch boxes
3, low cost - less25 percent than the price of PP lunch boxes
4, PSP lunch boxes has high-strength
5, can prevent cold and heat (-30 ℃ --120 ℃)
6, corrosion resistance, oil resistance,
7, PSP lunch box can preserve heat
8, can prevent water
9, together with the design and even the lid into the microwave oven and can be heated
10, Food trays recycling does not produce toxic substances, will not cause environmental pollution