INTCO PS Pellets Application

What are the usages of polystyrene pellets?

INTCO purchases styrofoam/EPS (expanded polystyrene), and produces polystyrene pellets in different grades included Clear/natural transparent GPPS, colored transparent GPPS, Dark colored GPPS.

PS pelletsGREENMAX PS pellets

What are the features of INTCO PS Pellets?

We provide recycled gpps on an individual customer basis. With access to a wide range of resin manufacturers and suppliers. The factories can produce lots of materials such as XPS insulation boards, KT board, food trays, soles, picture frames and decorative moldings or mirror frames with INTCO PS pellets. We can fill any raw materials order you require at competitive costs.
The applications are included XPS insulation boards,KT boards. Food trays,PS frames,Soles and so on.

PS pellets applicationPS pellets applications