Products made of recycled GPPS will be more popular among people

You may not know that there are many products we used in our daily life are made of recycled materials. In fact, waste recycling is not only our responsibility, but also a good way of life.

The beautiful photo frames, the hangers, the pens and rulers, and even the plastic bags you used everyday are all made of recycled materials. And this raw material are usually GPPS, which are made of the most common products like recycled Styrofoam packaging.

With the development of recycling industry, product recycling has become a hot topic among enterprises. With almost the same quality, recycled GPPS will undoubtedly be more popular and reasonably priced. That's why people prefer to buy recycled GPPS.

INTCO, a manufacture and also a recycling company, can provide you with superior recycled GPPS with a reasonable price. INTCO has a professional production line of GPPS, we offer the GREENMAX Styrofoam recycling machines to the foam recyclers, manufacturers, and also some supermarkets. Then we purchase back the compacted Styrofoam blocks from our machine customers and all over the world. And all of the recycled Styrofoam materials are carefully screened and finally made into PS pellets in our factories in China and Malaysia.

All the recycled GPPS you purchase from INTCO have quality assurance with the up-to-date facilities and technology as well as an advanced machine named EREMA for granulation.

We encourage resource recycling and regeneration, and products made of recycled materials like GPPS could help us reduce environmental pollution and save resources. So products made of recycled materials will be more popular in the future.

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