Polystyrene foam food trays which made from PS pellets are widely-used food packaging

Foam food trays are heavily used items in most delis, produce stands, and supermarkets. From wrapping up freshly sliced meats and cheeses to packaging bundles of vegetables in the produce department, foam meat trays are essential to any high-functioning deli or market.

Use foam meat trays to set out your deli meats and cheeses in your deli display cases or to display raw meat at your butcher shop or meat counter. At your produce stand, display fresh vegetables on these trays and wrap them in plastic wrap to keep them clean and ready for sale.

Foam Food Trays

In addition to being food safety compliant, polystyrene foam trays are a more sanitary form of food packaging because they are disposable. They are also shatter-resistant, even in extreme temperatures.

Foam food trays have been the industry standard for decades because they are very effective at what they do, and they are very economical. There have been other formats through the years, especially with a movement toward green products, but foam remains the flagship of the industry, particularly with retail supermarkets and processors.

polystyrene foam food boxes

So the foam food tray market is quite good, more and more foam food tray suppliers are committed to manufacturing such items. And many of them use recycled PS pellets(polystyrene recycling) as raw materials.

Recycled PS pellets are made from waste polystyrene scraps, which can be supplied by companies like INTCO recycling from China. INTCO is the leader of the recycled PS pellets in China. It has already been in the industry for more than 20 years. All of its recycled PS pellets are made from waste foam scraps.

raw materials for food trays

Such recycled PS pellets are much cheaper than virgin PS pellets which directly made from oil. And they can help most of the foam food tray manufacturers save production costs. These good raw materials are facing a more bright market gradually.


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