Plastic products made from recycled GPPS can help save much resources

GPPS is the abbreviation of general purpose polystyrene that is one of the most common plastic pellets. It is originated from oil, stored, transported and processed in the form of semi-finished plastics.

However, recycled GPPS is now more responsive to public demand than primary polystyrene pellets.

According to the Statistics of National Bureau, the recycled GPPS applies to a large extent to each enterprise that involved in the production of plastic products. It can meet the technical requirements of film blowing, drawing, injection molding, extrusion and other applications.

General purpose polystyrene can be gotten by processing waste plastic foams(always polystyrene) into PS pellets without changing their chemical properties and only changing their appearance and shape. Therefore, it can be widely used in the production of many plastic products.

Toys and novelties, rigid packaging, refrigerator trays and boxes, cosmetic packs and costume jewellery, lighting diffusers, audio cassette and CD cases. These are all made of recycled GPPS.

While you make ask how to find the supplier of to offer such high-quality GPPS. Here INTCO recycling can give you the best answer.

With over 20 years of professional technology and experience, INTCO specializes in polystyrene recycling, with the most professional technology. It strictly ensures its granulation process in two ways. On the one hand, EPS wastes, which are the raw materials for producing recycled polystyrene pellets, can be selected from all over the world, and only clean wastes can be used to produce high-quality pellets. On the other hand, we employ excellent professional technical engineers and advanced equipment EREMA to operate the whole process.

The recycled GPPS will be sold all over the world or used as the raw material to make photo frames and decorative molding in its own factory.

The application of recycled GPPS not only can enrich the market of plastic products, but also greatly improve the recycling of polystyrene waste. It is a good way to save resources.

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