Marking photo frames with recycled GPPS is a good way to turn waste into treasure

A frame is a decorative edge used to enhance its image, such as a painting or photograph, to make it easier to display or protect. Each family has several picture frame decorations, and what are the picture frames in your house made of?

Picture frames have traditionally been made of wood, which is the most common material in the early days. But with the development of technology, people are trying to find more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly material. Finally they have found GPPS pellets which is made from recycled polystyrene as the raw material. Since GPPS is regenerative, it is of great significance to save resources.

GPPS, shorted for general purpose polystyrene, can gain its rebirth by making other products like photo frames. Compared with the traditional wood frame material, polystyrene frames are more beautiful, corrosion resistance and so on. In addition, it not only can prevent insects and moisture, but also saves a lot of wood resource.

With the development of society, the pursuit of beauty is more intense. As a kind of interior decoration, polystyrene photo frames are in great demand, especially in the European and American markets. As a representative of lifestyle and value orientation, photo frames are now more popular, making GPPS recycling even more important.

INTCO, as a leader in the global market for general purpose polystyrene suppliers, it can strictly ensure the quality of its photo frames. There is a complete process of polystyrene recycling and granulation. We purchase high-grade polystyrene waste from all over the world and transport it to our factories in China and Malaysia. There we use the most advanced granulator EREMMA to process them into PS pellets.

The frames you get from INTCO must be of high quality and exquisite. Turn waste into useful items, in other words, into art is really significant!

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