It is profitable for XPS raw material to apply recycled PS pellets

For a long time, the construction industry has always remained very hot, especially under the development of modernization. Thus, as the necessary item, the XPS insulation board is always in an urgent need among industries.


In this case, more and more manufacturers beginĀ to consider and seek for reformationĀ and innovation so as to remain invincible.

For one thing, the question is how to reduce the cost of manufacturing XPS insulation board so as to gain more benefits? Many manufacturers take account of the XPS raw material. For another, the insurance of the quality can not be ignored. After all, a little carelessness may lead to great harm as it is used in construction. Therefore, how to reduce manufacturing costs and at the same time, ensure the quality of XPS insulation board, has been plaguing many suppliers and manufacturers.


The common practice is to apply recycled PS pellets, instead of the virgin ones. The superiority is that recycled PS pellets can be much cheaper as it can originate from EPS recycling, not the oil. Besides, some of the recycled PS pellets with high quality can totally take place of the virgin ones.


In China, the factories providing recycled PS pellets vary differently. Some factories, however, in order to pursuit commercial profits, may ignore the quality. It must be referred that, INTCO, as the leading supplier of general purpose polystyrene in China, strictly ensures its quality from two aspects.


On one hand, as the raw material to produce recycled PS pellets, the EPS scrapes are selected from all over the world and only the clean ones can be used to produce high level pellets. On the other hand, the EREMA, a world renowned granulation machine, is applied in the process of production, together with the advanced technology of INTCO engineers.

It is advisable for you to choose the recycled PS pellets in INTCO. Action is always better than minds, so we are waiting for your cooperation.

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