INTCO supplies recycled GPPS to foam products manufacturers around the world

When it comes to GPPS (general purpose polystyrene), you may be a little strange, but you must be be familiar with plastic foam products like foam packaging, single-use containers and photo frames.

Traditionally, such plastic foam products are made of virgin GPPS, but with the development of technology, recycled GPPS has won great popularity among related businessmen due to excellent flame retardant, lower moisture content and higher purity.

Recycled GPPS are difficult to identify as raw material. GPPS can be made into many common items in our daily life, including necessities such as foam cups, toothbrushes, combs and food containers. They are also widely used in photo frames, park benches and floors, insulation boards, clothes hangers, flowerpots, toys, building models, etc. The recovered PS particles can be formed into different forms by various processing methods.

Compared with the original PS pellets, the recycled PS pellets are made of waste polystyrene foam materials and can be highly recycled. As a result, regeneration is cheaper and greener, which greatly satisfies manufacturers and environmental benefits.

General purpose polystyrene China of  INTCO recycling supplies  high quality recycled GPPS and meets the requirement of our customers all over the world.

INTCO purchased the clean polystyrene waste worldwide and process them into PS pellets in its factories in China and Malaysia. In order to ensure the quality of the regenerated PS pellets, INTCO strictly control the the quality of purchased polystyrene waste, and adopted famous machine EREMA for granulation.

INTCO not only provides high quality PS particles for manufacturers around the world, but also use them to make new foam products itself. If you happen to be a manufacturer of polystyrene products, INTCO many be your reliable partner.

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