INTCO recycling supplies a great quantity of recycled PS pellets across the world

With the implementation of national environmental policies, polystyrene recycling is urgently. But do you know where the recycled polystyrene goes?

In fact, polystyrene is a renewable resource, which can be recycled as a raw material, and then made into PS pellets, for the production of new foam products such as insulation panels, foam food containers, picture frames and decorative mouldings.

Deep into the polystyrene recycling industry for many years. INTCO recycling, as the frame products manufacturer at the early time, the company requires large quantities of recycled polystyrene pellets from all over the world. But now, INTCO recycling can produce polystyrene pellets in its own factory, and purchases recycled polystyrene material across the world.

In addition to the private use, the polystyrene pellets produced by INTCO recycling is also a portion dedicated to sales and supply to manufacturers of foam insulation boards, food containers and decorative moldings in various countries. Due to the perfect pellets self-testing procedures, customers do not have to worry about the quality of the recycled PS pellets at all.

INTCO recycling has been in the polystyrene recycling for more than 20 years. It continues to buy clean, recycled polystyrene blocks around the world and uses the most professional machine EREMA for PS pellets granulating. We have several production lines in China and Malaysia factories, and a great quantity of recycled PS pellets is just waiting for your order!

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