INTCO recycling provides high quality regenerated GPPS for PS frame strip manufacturers

INTCO recycling provides high quality regenerated GPPS for PS frame strip manufacturers

PS frame strip is made of PS polymer material, processed by extrusion molding, thermal transfer and other processes. Due to its green environmental protection, elegant appearance and other advantages, it is welcomed by the decoration market and has developed rapidly in recent years.

PS frame strips have the characteristics of exquisite appearance, rich color, moisture and moisture proof, light weight and corrosion resistance. It is mainly used in the following two fields:

1. Picture and photo frames. PS frame strips are magnificent, colorful, and of good quality. After being processed by dicing machine and nailing machine, it can be made into PS green photo frames, which is used in interior decoration, showing good effect and enhancing personal taste.

2.Interior decorative lines. The PS frames can also be processed into a decorative line such as a skirting line, a corner line, a siding, etc., and is applied to villa buildings, hotels, entertainment places, office cultural and educational places and so on.

Since the PS frame products play an important role in today's household decoration, as the demand increased, the raw materials are decreasing. Nowadays, we are promoting environmental protection, recycled materials are favored by the public.

INTCO recycling has been doing its polystyrene recycling business for more than 15 years, the company purchases polystyrene waste across the world and make it into recycled GPPS in its factory in China and Malaysia.

Initially, these recycled PS pellets are used to produce PS frame products to develop its own business, so that all the PS pellets have good quality assurance. Later, after adopting professional granulating machine EREMA, the output was expanded, and the PS pellets produced were not only used for personal use, but also for sale. In addition, INTCO also supplies foam compactor to polystyrene recyclers and purchases of compressed polystyrene from back, this is a compete recycling system.

INTCO recycling is the world's most reliable supplier of recycled GPPS and has the strength to do better in foam recycling industry.

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