INTCO recycling offers you high quality recycled PS pellets for new foam products production

Polystyrene products are now used in all aspects of our lives. This product is made from polystyrene resin, and our most common raw material form is PS pellets. With the increasing demand for polystyrene products, the raw material is in short supply. Since polystyrene is a recyclable material, it has been found that recycled PS pellets can replace virgin PS pellets in many products.

The polystyrene foam board is made of expandable polystyrene (eps) pellets as raw materials, and is made of foamed plastic sheet with a fine closed-cell structure after heating and pre-foaming, and heating molding in a mold. Flame retardant. It has the advantages of light weight, heat insulation, low temperature resistance, certain elasticity, minimal water absorption, and easy processing. It is mainly used for house insulation, heat preservation and cold preservation in construction, vehicles, ships and refrigeration industries.

The production process of recycled PS pellets is characterized in that a foaming solvent is added to the heating process, and the heating temperature is controlled between 50 ° C and 70 ° C, and the swelling time is between 5-7 hours. In the meantime, the foamed plastic pellets made by such re-foaming greatly reduce the cost of raw materials for making the foamed polystyrene sheet, and have very good economic benefits.

INTCO recycling, as the PS pellets manufacturer and the end user of recycled polystyrene materials, it has been committed to the polystyrene recycling industry for more than 20 years. We purchase recycled polystyrene blocks and lumps from all over the world, strictly monitor the quality of recycled foam blocks we purchased, and make then into PS pellets with the professional granulating machine EREMA, the recycled PS pellets are in high quality and sufficient supply. If you are interested in purchasing recycled PS pellets, please feel free to contact us.

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