INTCO recycling offers high quality recycled GPPS for XPS insulation board production

INTCO recycling offers high quality recycled GPPS for XPS insulation board production


In recent years, with the improvement of the public's environmental protection concept, various environmentally friendly materials have become popular. XPS insulation boards made of recycled GPPS have also become one of the highly acclaimed environmentally friendly materials.

XPS insulation board is extruded polystyrene insulation board. More accurately, it is a rigid foam board with polystyrene resin as raw material, mixed with other aggregates, and then heated with catalyst. Compared with other open hole insulation products, XPS insulation board has a large amount of energy saving insulation.

Many XPS insulation board plants usually choose original polystyrene foam materials. However, because of its high-cost XPS raw material, the price is relatively expensive. Therefore, the recycled polystyrene (GPPS) is a general selective material, and the recycled polystyrene material has no lower performance than the original polystyrene material. More importantly, it is also much cheaper, accounting for only half or 2/3 of new polystyrene foams. Using recycled GPPS, can greatly reduce the production cost of XPS board, improve profit margin and customer satisfaction.

INTCO is a professional recycled GPPS granulation company, its PS pellets are mainly from the world's high quality recycled EPS materials. It uses the best machine for granulation to ensure high quality and stability of regenerated PS pellets. The regenerated PS pellets supplied by INTCO is used all over the world. The end-user of EPS materials, can be used not only for some XPS manufacturers, but also for providing framework products for INTCO itself. If more companies engage in this recycling industry, environmental protection will be better and better.

In short, the application of recycled GPPS is undoubtedly a good choice. The demand for XPS insulation board will continue to grow in the future. Therefore, as a raw material, the need for recycled PS pellets will increase with this trend.

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