INTCO recycling can always provide you with high quality recycled GPPS whether from China or Malaysia

INTCO recycling can always provide you with high quality recycled GPPS whether from China or Malaysia


Polystyrene recycling is now becoming an important industry as the demand of recycled GPPS increased. At the same time, the country saves energy and reduces environmental pollution by recycling waste plastic foams.

China is a big country of plastic consumption, according to statistics, its annual consumption accounts for the world's second, only less than the United States, and China's per capacity consumption is only 19kg, ranked 32nd in the world, is the industrial developed countries 11-20%, it can be seen that China's plastic industry is still a big development, and recycled PS pellets has a broad prospect.

General purpose polystyrene, commonly known as GPPS, are raw materials for polystyrene products. When it is found that recycled polystyrene can also be used as a good raw material of polystyrene products production, polystyrene recycling has become an ideal project for family investment and small or medium-sized enterprises to change production without investment risk.

General purpose polystyrene China supplied by INTCO recycling is of high quality, with 20 years of GPPS granulation experience, INTCO recycling always strictly controls the import of raw materials. We have been importing clean polystyrene waste from all over the world, and the polystyrene waste purchased is the perfect recyclable material for GPPS manufacturing.

Now facing the ban on polystyrene import, INTCO recycling can still ensure the supply of recycled PS pellets, because we have set up another factory in Malaysia, mainly used for recycled GPPS granulation. Malaysia's granulation plant can replace China's granulation plant and provide high-quality GPPS.

As a general polystyrene supplier, INTCO recycling can always provide a stable supply of recycled GPPS, whether from China or Malaysia. INTCO recycling will be your most reliable partner.

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