INTCO recycling aims to offer more recycled GPPS for XPS insulation board production

INTCO recycling aims to offer more recycled GPPS for XPS insulation board production

With winter is coming, house insulation has been a more important part of our life. At present, we rely on electricity and ignition to achieve house insulation, but the cost is high and so expensive, which is a great pressure on the northern cold areas.

XPS insulation board is widely used in European countries. XPS foam board is a kind of insulating material similar to polyisocyanurate. It is usually blue or pink and has a smooth plastic surface. It's like fiberglass, and often used as good insulation materials.

Some people may ask, as demand for XPS insulation board grows and the raw materials run short, will the price of XPS insulation rise? This not makes any difference from other energy consumption approaches. However, with the development of technology, the recycled material has already taken place of the original one. The recycled GPPS made from polystyrene waste is a good raw material for XPS.

How to get recycled GPPS? This requires us to recycle as more polystyrene waste as possible. The process of polystyrene recycling needs us to collect it first, and then compress it into dense blocks by a professional foam compactor. The compacted foam blocks will be sold all over the world and used by the manufacturers to make polystyrene pellets.

INTCO recycling is company which owns independent research and development capability, and also supply high-quality recycled GPPS. With the application of famous granulating machine EREMA, the PS pellets produced by INTCO recycling have reliable quality assurance.

Nowadays, we are expanding our plant in Malaysia to increase the production of PS pellets. INTCO aims to offer more recycled GPPS material to our customers. If you have any requirement of recycled GPPS, please consult INTCO recycling.

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