INTCO offers high quality GPPS to make beautiful photo frames

Polystyrene decoration such as photo frames, decoration molding and other foam materials are an indispensable decoration of modern house decoration. But do you know how your beautiful photo frames are made of ?

The photo frames have traditionally been made of wood, but other materials include silver, copper, aluminum and plastics, such as polystyrene. With the development of technology, considering that polystyrene waste can be recycled, then made into GPPS as raw materials for photo frames production. This kind of recycled material is welcomed by the majority of consumers because of its lightweight, low price and high performance.

In our daily life, we are easily to get polystyrene waste such as foam packaging, foam food containers, foam insulation board and so on. All these foam materials can create serious environmental problems as well as bring convenience to our life.

Originally, these white foam plastics were difficult to recycle and degrade. Basically, they were recycled by sanitation and then landfill or burned. However, INTCO recycles the polystyrene waste make it rebirth as new products.

INTCO Recycling is a leading general purpose polystyrene supplier in Asia, and even globally. Having been working on polystyrene recycling for the past 10 years. PS pellets can be molded and used in photo frames and other frames through the process of high efficiency regeneration, which has been highly praised by domestic and foreign customers.

The waste polystyrene is melted and then extruded through an orifice that is a few millimeters in diameter. The molten strands are cut every few millimeters as they come out of the orifice, and then cooled to solidify them. After the whole process, we can get high quality PS pellets.

INTCO recycling is committed to become a practical enterprise through the introduction of global advanced production equipment and technology to produce high quality recycled GPPS. INTCO is the supplier that you can rely on.

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