INTCO is a reliable supplier of PS pellets for XPS insulation board manufacturer

XPS (extruded polystyrene) products are becoming more and more popular and have attracted wide attention all over the world. The application of XPS is different, such as thermal insulation board in the construction industry, where the demand for XPS increases year by year.

What raw materials are XPS insulation boards usually made from? It is called PS pellets and this raw material is made from recycled EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam material. It is an ideal material for recycling.

As the raw material for XPS insulation board, there is a great demand for PS pellets in the market, which can be divided into original PS pellets and recycled PS pellets. In general, the original PS pellets can be made directly from petroleum, while the recycled pellets are made from EPS waste.  Despite the higher quality of the original particles, they cost much more than the recycled PS pellets. At the same time, in many cases, some manufacturing companies' recycled PS pellets can completely replace the original pellets due to their perfect properties and properties.

INTCO is a professional granulation company, whose PS pellets mainly come from EPS recycled materials around the world. The company uses the best machines for granulation to ensure the high quality and stability of recycled PS pellets. As the end user of EPS material, INTCO's recycled PS pellets can be used to produce exquisite photo frame products and house decoration materials. INTCO recycling also has a professional EPS recycling equipment manufacturing plant, it is the only industry to provide a complete EPS recycling chain.

If you are XPS insulation board manufacturers or want to learn more about this project, welcome to consult INTCO recycling, we can become your reliable and faithful partner.

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