INTCO beautiful frames will appear in Shanghai Wedding exhibition

The 30th China Shanghai International Wedding Photographic Equipment Exhibition will be held in July 21- July 24, 2016 21 (4 days) in Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) Exhibition Hall,
INTCO booth: E3B061

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"China - Shanghai International Wedding Photographic Equipment Exhibition" was held twice every year, a total exhibition scale is over one hundred and ninety thousand square meters, while the exhibition promoted the responsibility to the development of the industry, and actively help the export business is booming in huge domestic market, witnessed development of Chinese wedding photography industry and related industries, the marriage is still leading benchmark of the global industry.

2 INTCO booth
INTCO overall effect
PS framing
INTCO high-quality products:

intco framing

INTCO Framing Analysis:
Medium wedding frame strip will be more popular, because on the one hand, medium-sized box section can be devised three sets of lines installed, or a photo wall, replacing a large box wedding photo, but can also be made small swing sets. On the other hand, a lot of wedding photography uses express shipping, medium courier box is more convenient. Recycled gpps is the main material of INTCO PS framing.

PS moulding
Medium combo box with a cloth or a paper jam would be more popular, because the combo box can enhance the value of the products, cut nail factory late combinations are also more convenient. INTCO recycled PS pellets are used to make there beautiful frames.

INTCO showroom
Children photography will increase the proportion of the border. With a larger proportion of the overall frame, medium frame, small swing sets. The materials of wedding photos go to further diversify (UV, crystal) and will also increase crystal frame or UV film processing and binding effect.

These views are from the perspective of experts, from INTCO Greenwood global marketing network, wedding welcome the customers to visit our stand!

INTCO is very proud of the attention of China Shanghai International Wedding Photographic Equipment Exhibition, INTCO devoted itself into global EPS recycling and polystyrene recycling career. The compacted EPS blocks can granulated into recycled GPPS, there large amount of recycled polystyrene granules can be made as frames products and PS moulding.

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