How to turn waste polystyrene foam into the useful raw material-GPPS pellets?

Most of us may know that our daily necessaries are made from recycled GPPS, as the raw material of plastic foam products, GPPS has the advantages of low cost and high cost performance, and its performance is not inferior to the original material.

However, a lot of people don't know how GPPS is made. Actually, the polystyrene waste you throw out is just what GPPS is made of. So, next time, when you got a polystyrene box or some polystyrene scraps, please recycle them!

There are many polystyrene waste in our daily life, you can get it from you express boxes, take-out food containers, and packaging for furniture and electrical appliances. As polystyrene has such wide applications in our daily life, we should attach more importance to its recycling.

Firstly, special drop-offs for polystyrene should be set up near the community, or you can collect the polystyrene waste yourself and take it to the recycling center. After compacting and volume reduction process, the foam blocks will be sold to the recyclers or polystyrene products manufacturers.

INTCO recycles high quality polystyrene blocks from all over the world, and then transport them to its own factory located in China and Malaysia. There the polystyrene blocks will be produced into PS pellets by our professional machine EREMA. INTCO PS granules paid more attention to the technical parameters, reached the international quality SGS standard. So the GPPS we produced are of high quality.

The GPPS produced by INTCO will be sold worldwide or used to make its own foam products-photo frames and decoration moldings. Recycled polystyrene pellets are more economical than original material, and highly welcomed by many manufacturers.

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