How to distinguish HIPS, GPPS and EPS in recycled PS pellets

PS general-purpose plastics are mainly divided into three types: HIPS (high impact polystyrene), GPPS (general pole polystyrene) and EPS (expanded polystyrene).

HIPS is a white opaque or beaded thermoplastic resin, characterized by impact resistance, and its impact strength is more than 7 times that of GPPS. It has excellent colorability and formability, but its tensile strength, hardness, light transmittance, and optical rotation resistance, weather resistance and thermal stability are no better than GPPS.


  1. Electrical appliances: TV, tape recorder housing and components; refrigerator lining materials; Air conditioning equipment, washing machines, telephones, vacuum cleaners, lighting devices and office machinery parts.
  2. Auto parts and medical equipment parts.
  3. Toys, furniture and daily necessities.
  4. Packaging materials.

GPPS is a thermoplastic resin that is a colorless, odorless and glossy transparent beaded or granulated solid. It is not resistant to impact, and it is easy to cause burrs during crack processing. It has poor heat resistance, poor optical rotation resistance, and is flammable. The fluidity and formability of GPPS are poor.


  1. Food packaging;
  2. Electromechanical industry, instrument and meter, communication equipment industry and other aspects have been widely used to make a variety of instrument shell, lampshade, optical parts, instrument parts, transparent window mirror, transparent model, chemical acid storage tank, acid conveying tank, telecommunications parts, high-frequency capacitor, high-frequency insulation liner, bracket, insert and frozen insulation materials.
  3. Various daily necessities and toys.

EPS is an expanded polystyrene foam material, mainly used for electrical appliances, furniture and other packaging, can also be used as foam food containers.

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