How can you get cost effective general purpose polystyrene material?

GPPS pellets are general purpose polystyrene (GPPS) that polymerized from styrene monomer (SM), which can be polymerized by many synthetic methods. At present, bulk polymerization and suspension polymerization are mainly used in industry.

General Purpose Polystyrene is relatively strong and weather resistant. It is often made into a variety of daily necessities, such as convenience bags, photo frames, hangers plastic cups and so on. Because GPPS is difficult to degrade, the products made of GPPS is easy to cause environmental pollution, which is often called "white pollution". So the recycling of foam products is also important.

This shows that General Purpose Polystyrene and related types are used for a wide variety of applications. Cost-efficient, easy-to-store and molding properties make the the materials versatile, and the recycling of these products even more important. Without GPPS, many of today's disposable and household products would not be available.

There are two ways you can get GPPS. General purpose polystyrene is obtained by radical polymerization or ionic polymerization of styrene as a monomer. The whole manufacturing process is complicated , and the raw materials are relatively expensive. The another way to get GPPS is to recycle polystyrene waste and to obtain PS pellets by compression granulation. This manufacturing process is much simpler.

Compared with the two processes, recycled GPPS is more cost effective. INTCO recycling is a company that specialized in GPPS manufacture and supply. The company can provide you with reasonable price of regenerative GPPS. All general purpose polystyrene is made by the clean polystyrene waste that we purchased from all over the world.

Having been committed to polystyrene recycling for over decades, the polystyrene waste bought by INTCO are through strict inspections. With the famous machines of EREMA, GPPS produced by INTCO recycling are all in high quality.

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